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My Sweet Ride

My Sweet Ride

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2011 Snowbasin ICUP race.

My last race was right here in my back yard up at Snowbasin. It was the last stop of the intermountain cup series. I haven't really raced any races in the series, but i figured it was so close it was a no brainer. All the regular heavy hitters (Day,Pantone, Hintze, Holly, Swensen and many more) were there to end the season with a bang!! The gun went off and Keegan took off leaving the rest of us to form a group of 5 or 6. As we climbed up to GreenPond I was sitting in the third position. I knew our pace was very slow and if I wanted any chance to get on the podium I had to move.
I accelerated hard in hopes that no one would follow and it worked. After a good long pull on front i looked back and saw no one. I continued as hard as I could and saw Keegan just head. I worked hard and caught onto his wheel. I was super stoked to be riding with keegan knowing how strong he is. We rode together for a few miles until Keegan started playing with my mind. He would accelerate leaving me but then i would real him back in. We yo yo'd like that for awhile until the last lap. I think we were both done but I held Keegan's wheel up the last steep climb until we reach the single track. He shifted down and slowed almost to a snails pace. After following him for awhile i knew he wanted it to come down to a sprint. I was super nervous knowing what kind of sprinter he was. As we hit the last two hundred meters the trail opened up to a double track and I hit it as hard as I could passing Keegan. I kept my head down until the tape and then realized he wasn't there. I crossed the line as the first pro which absolutely blew my mind!! It was so awesome riding with Keegan!! He is such an amazing rider and anyone who rides a bike in Utah knows who he is and what he is capable of!! He someone i defiantly look up to, and someone I hope to ride with again in the future!!!!

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